Hey there!

Just wanted to say “hey!” welcome to the new Pine & Olive Photography Blog! Kayla here & I have been wanting(& needing) to get one of these up for a while now & decided that what better time than now, during the holiday season, to add some cheer to everyone’s feeds!

You will find a huge variety here! All kinds of session types from birth, newborn, to toddlers, families, weddings, & anything in between!

Some content will be posted in real time, once a session is edited and delivered, it will be up on the blog! Other sessions that have happened already will be sprinkled in so that I can get them up here over time! I would also love to be able to post blogs on fun, helpful things, like choosing outfits, session prep, tips for getting photos of your kids in every day life, etc! So, keep an eye out for those here & there as well!

My main reason for wanting to blog out here for you all to see is so that you can get a good feel for the my style & what a typical session gallery might include! It is also so that you, as a client, can share this blog with friends & family without having to post every single image to facebook or another social media site for them to see! They can just scroll through your blog post!

My goal for 2021 is to get one blog session up, every other Friday. So, this Friday you’ll see blog #1 & hopefully they will keep coming pretty steady after that!

Let’s finish out 2020 with a bang & get a GREAT start to 2021!

Talk soon friends,

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